1. Myrox'Ylon Puncta'Tum

Myrox'Ylon Puncta'Tum. The Quino-quino tree, and M. peruif-erum, both of Peru; yield balsams resembling official Peru and Tolu.

2. Gale'ga officina'lis, European Goafs Rue, S. Europe. - Small perennial; the dried flowering tops used; stem smooth, 15-45 Cm. (6-8') long, usually broken; leaves imparipennate, 6-8 pairs, bright green, lanceolate, 2-5 Cm. (4/5-2') long, 2-6 Mm. (1/12-1/4') broad, petio-late; flowers small, white, violet, racemes; odor distinct, taste mucilaginous, bitter, astringent. Dose, 3ss-l (2-4 Gm.); fluidextract (dil. alc.).