7. Streptococcus Antitoxin

Streptococcus Antitoxin. This serum is prepared similarly to the preceding, using, however, several rabbits, as well, finally, as the horse, for increasing the virulence, and not bleeding the latter until a year after the first inoculation. These streptococci produce the severe forms of septicaemia following the puerperium, after injuries and operations, in erysipelas, scarlet fever, etc. Dose, 3iiss - 5 (10-20 Ml. (Cc.)).

8. Lac Vaccinum, Cow's Milk

Lac Vaccinum, Cow's Milk. The secretion by the cow's mammary glands; white, opaque liquid (emulsion) of minute fat globules suspended in solution of casein, albumin, milk-sugar and inorganic salts, pleasant taste, slight odor; upon standing few hours the oily globules (cream) owing to lightness separate to the surface; each is surrounded by an albuminous envelope which may be dissolved by an alkali, thus liberating and permitting aggregation into butter; contains water 87 p. c, solids 13 p. c. - milk-sugar 4 p. c, butter 4 p. c, casein 1.1 ]). c, salts (chiefly phosphates) .6 p. c. By churning the fat globules unite to form butter, leaving a liquid called buttermilk - solution of milk-sugar, salts, some casein and butter; skimmed milk develops lactic acid and separates the casein as a coagulum - curd, either upon standing (through action of a certain bacterium), or the addition of other acids, or rennet (rennin - prepared from inner membrane of calf's stomach); the liquid separated from the coagulum is whey, which contains milk-sugar and salts; the coagulum upon the addition of salt and proper manipulation gives cheese. Human milk is always alkaline, that of cow's either alkaline or acid. Humanized Milk may be prepared by mixing: cream ℥j (30 Ml. (Cc.)), cow's milk 3iv (15 Ml. (Cc.)), lime water ℥j (30 Ml. (Cc.)), water ℥iss (45 Ml. (Cc.)), milk-sugar gr. 30 (2 Gm.). Condensed Milk is prepared by evaporating milk to the consistence of thick cream (one-fourth its bulk), usually adding sugar for preservation and transportation. Fermented Milk, Lac Fermentatum (Kumyss, Koumyss, Kefir, Matzoon) - obtained by adding to cow's milk (mare's formerly) either kefir ferment or yeast. Mix fresh milk 4 pints (2,000 Ml. (Cc.)), sugar 2 1/4 ounces (70 Gm.), Fleischmann's compressed yeast 96 grains (6 Gm.), introduce into strong bottles within an inch of the neck, close securely, keep at 23-32° C. (73-90° F.) 6 hours, transfer to cold place. It is a cream-like liquid, strongly frothing, pleasant acid taste, containing casein, alcohol, lactic acid, carbon dioxide, fat, lactose, albumin, hemialbumose, peptone - these varying somewhat according to length of fermentation, alcohol and carbon dioxide increasing continuously. Dose, ℥viij (240 Ml. (Cc.)).

Properties and Uses. - More readily digested and absorbed than milk; quenches thirst, relieves hunger, stimulates circulatory, nervous, and respiratory systems, increases nutrition, urine, perspiration; indigestion due to either depression or stomach irritability, enteric fever, typhoid state, secondary anaemias, chronic constitutional diseases.