2. Empleu'Rum Serrula'Tum

Empleu'Rum Serrula'Tum. Leaves sometimes mixed with buchu, occasionally constituting the main bulk; may be distinguished by their acrid taste, peculiar odor - differing from buchu - longer, narrower than even B. serratifolia, sides parallel, apex acute and glandless, coarsely dentate (serrulate); when held up to the light lateral veins not as straight, shorter and less strongly developed; contain peculiar volatile oil .64 p. c, possessing characteristic odor. Properties considered to differ from those of buchu.

3. Ru'ta grave'olens - The leaves, official 1830-1880; S. Europe, cultivated. Plant .6-1 M. (2-3°) high, woody; flowers yellow; fruit capsule, 4-5-lobed; seeds black, many, all parts active; leaflets 12-25

Mm. (1/2-l') long, 6 Mm. (1/4') wide, crenate, thick, pellucid-punctate, aromatic, bitter; contain volatile oil (Oleum Rutae, official 1870-1890, greenish-yellow, aromatic), rutin, (rutic or rutinic acid, C42H50O25 - hitter, yellow, crystalline glucoside, identical with barosmin, decomposing into quercetin, etc.)- Used as stimulant, emmenagogue, and nervine, in hysteria, colic, amenorrhoea. Dose, gr. 5-20 (.3-1.3 Gm.); oil, ej-5 (.06-.3 ML (Cc.)).

4. Pte'Lea Trifolia'Ta, Wafer-Ash, Hop-Tree, Swamp-Dogwood, Wing-Seed, Shrubby Trefoil

Pte'Lea Trifolia'Ta, Wafer-Ash, Hop-Tree, Swamp-Dogwood, Wing-Seed, Shrubby Trefoil. Root-bark; N. America - N. Y.-Fla.-Texas; rocky places. Handsome shrub, 2.4-3.0 M. (8-12°) high, branches dark brown; leaves petiolate, light green, trifoliate; leaflets sessile, ovate, short-acuminate, crenulate, lateral ones inequilateral, terminal one cuneate at base, finely pellucid-punctate; root-bark one or more inches long, light brown, wrinkled, with thin epidermis, internally yellowish-white, darker by exposure, odor peculiar, aromatic, taste bitter, pungent, acrid; contains berberine (bitter, tonic), tannin, gallic acid, resin. Aromatic, tonic, stimulant, antiperiodic; dyspepsia, low fevers with gastro-intestinal irritation, typhoid conditions. Dose, gr. 15-30 (1-2 Gm.), infusion, ℥ss-1 (15-30 Ml. (Cc.)); fluidextract. Leaves and young shoots anthelmintic; fruit (samara) aromatic, bitter, good substitute for hops.