7. Lophoph'Ora (Anhalo'Nium) Lewin'II, Mescale

Lophoph'Ora (Anhalo'Nium) Lewin'II, Mescale. Mexico. This small plant yields the mescale buttons, which are used by the Rio Grande Indians to produce intoxication during religious ceremonies, also the alkaloidal pellotine (pellotinum), C13H21NO3, which is unirri-tating, consequently may well be employed hypodermically as a hypnotic; resembles somewhat cannabis. Slightly slows the pulse, produces mental and bodily weariness, sleep without untoward symptoms; excessive quantities produce spasms resembling strychnine-poisoning. Hysteria, insomnia, angina pectoris, asthmatic dyspnoea, hypochondriasis. Dose (pellotine), gr. 1/2-1 (.03-.06 Gm.).