1. Bhang (Sidhee, Subjee, Siddhi)

Bhang (Sidhee, Subjee, Siddhi). Consists of the dried coarsely broken leaves and fruit (dark green), resembles ganja in odor and taste; used by natives in their sweet-meat (majoon), also smoked with or without tobacco; its cold infusion (tea) as an intoxicant.

2. Churrus, Churras, Charas

Churrus, Churras, Charas. This is the resin (practically the active constituent) which exudes spontaneously from the entire plant in minute drops. It is collected in several different ways: 1. By men, wearing leather suits, brushing forcibly against growing plants, whereby resin adheres and afterward is scraped off. 2. By rubbing green portions between the hands and then scraping off adhering resin. 3. By frequent stirring around that put away in barns to cure, thus causing the resin to rise in the form of dust, and to deposit upon the roof and sides of the building, from which it can afterward be collected. Owing to this being more or less impure it is not used in medicine, but solely smoked in pipes; contains usually cannabinol 33 p. c.

3. Hashish (Hasish, Haschisch, Hasash, Hasheesh - Majoon

Hashish (Hasish, Haschisch, Hasash, Hasheesh - Majoon. The Arabic name for hemp, signifying "green intoxicating liquor" fr. Heb. shesh, to be joyous. This may consist of the dried tops collected before seeds ripen, thereby resembling ganja, gunjah, but usually is more complex, being prepared by heating tender leaves and tops 4 parts, butter 3, water 4, until latter is dissipated, straining, washing twice the greenish extract with water, adding this to syrup (sugar 16, water 32, little milk, boil), heating, mystifying by incorporating stramonium or nux vomica; in Bengal a small amount of rose oil, musk, cardamom seed, cantharides, or opium (to which mostly is due the deliriums, manias, dreams, sensualism), boiling half an hour, allowing to solidify, cutting into cakes; the Russians prefer it formed into cakes with the resinous extract.

4. Hemp Seed (Cannabis Semen)

Hemp Seed (Cannabis Semen). These are achenes 3 Mm. long, roundish, smooth, greenish, taste sweet, oily. Used for birds chiefly, but, owing to the fixed oil, an emulsion becomes a valuable demulcent and anodyne; contain proteid 22-24 p. c, fixed oil 28-30 p. c, suitable for painting, varnishing, etc.

5. Hemp Oil

Hemp Oil. A greenish fixed oil, lighter and brownish on exposure; odor hemp-like, taste mild. Demulcent, protective; chiefly extracted for its possible use in the domestic arts; neither this nor seeds possess narcotic properties.

6. Hemp Fibre

Hemp Fibre. Used for cordage, sacking, sail cloths, clothing, etc. The colder climates produce the best fibres, and the tropics that which is most medicinal and intoxicating. Russia produces most of the hemp fibre, but Italy the best; that grown in the United States and India is inferior to that of the other two countries.