1. Capsicum An'Nuum (Ion'Gum)

Capsicum An'Nuum (Ion'Gum). Fruit, official 1820-1880; Fruit 5-10 Cm. (2-4') long, 2.5-4 Cm. (1-1 3/5') thick, oblong, conical, sometimes curved or subglobular, yellow or red, brown when dry. Known in England as pod pepper, but often sold as chillies or capsicums, and is the kind recognized by the Ger. Phar. C. fastigia'tum. - Fruit, once official, and like that which is now official, 8-12 Mm, (1/3-1/2') long, 3-4 Mm. (1/8 - 1/6') thick. C. cerasifor'me, fruit resembles a cherry. All three sometimes used for purposes similar to official.

2. Sola'Num Dulcama'Ra, Dulcamara, Bittersweet

Sola'Num Dulcama'Ra, Dulcamara, Bittersweet. The dried young branches, official 1820-1900; Europe, Asia (N. America). Climbing, pubescent shrub, around dwellings, in thickets; stem woody at base, branching, 3-4.5 M. (10-15°) high; leaves cordate, halberd-shape, pubescent beneath; flowers purple, whitish; fruit oval red berry, many-seeded. Branches, collected when 1-2 years old, in autumn or early spring; occurs in short sections, 8 Mm. (1/3') long, 5 Mm. (1/5') thick, cylindrical, hollow, angular, striate, warty, bark thin, pale greenish-brown; wood greenish-yellow, in 1-2 concentric rings; odor slight, when fresh unpleasant; taste bitter, then sweet; contains dulcamarin (picroglycion, dulcarin) .4 p. c, solanine, resin, gum, wax, benzoic acid, starch, calcium lactate. Narcotic, diuretic, diaphoretic, alterative, deobstruent; large doses produce vomiting, faintness, vertigo, convulsive muscular movements, dryness and constriction of the throat, thirst, diarrhoea, weakened heart action, paralysis. Cutaneous eruptions, rheumatism, gout, bronchitis, whooping-cough, nasal, vesical, and pulmonary catarrhs, mania with strong venereal desire, neuralgia. Poisoning: Same as for belladonna. Dose, 3ss-l (2-4 Gm.); fluid-extract (diluted alcohol), 3ss-l (2-4 Ml. (Cc.)). S. panicula'tum, S. America; tonic, diuretic, antiperiodic, vesical catarrh. S. carolinen'se Solanum, Horse-nettle Berries: The air-dried ripe fruit; United States; globose, shriveled, 1-2 Cm. (2/5-4/5') broad, yellowish, fleshy; odor pepperlike, taste bitter, acrid; contains solanine, solanidine, resin, vol. oil; similar to S. Dulcamara - tonic, etc.; epilepsy, aphrodisiac, etc. Dose, 3ss-l (2-4 Gm.); fluidextract (67 p. c. alcohol); tincture.

3. Lyc'Ium Vulga'Re

Lyc'Ium Vulga'Re. United States, Europe; L. afrum, N. Africa, and L. umbro'sum, S. America; leaves of all in infusion good for erysipelas and skin diseases.