Gig-ar-ti-na'se-e. L. Giqartin-a + aceae, fr. Gr.

Class 1 Algae 1 Gigartinaceae Red Seaweed Family 90

a grape-stone - i. e., from the resemblance of the capsules (cystocarps), which are oval, appearing as little elevated or stalked tubercles on the flat portions of the frond (thallus). Composed of many fleshy, gelatinous algae, red, purple, or violet, with thalli flat and somewhat forked, but without distinction of nodes and branches; form and structure varying, while reproductive processes are complex; auxiliary cells and carpo-gonia separate, but usually in groups; universal; nutritious, demulcent, alterative. Genera: 1. Chondrus. 2. Gigartina.