Gram-i-na'se-e. L. fem. pl. of gramin-eus + aceae, of or pertaining to grass - gramen, grass. Herbs, shrubs, or arborescent plants, largest endogenous order except Orchidaceae. Distinguished by having leaves 2-ranked with split sheaths and ligule; stems (culms) hollow, closed at joints; flowers glumaceous, paleae (chaff, husk) 2, stamens 3, hypogynous; anthers versatile; ovary superior, ovule 1; fruit caryopsis, stigmas feathery, hairy; universal; purgative, poisonous, cereals, fodder, sugar, volatile oil.

Genera: 1. Zea. 2. Saccharum. 3. Beta. 4. Agropyron. 5. Hordeum.