1. Colchicum Variega'Tum, Oriental Hermodactyls

Colchicum Variega'Tum, Oriental Hermodactyls. S. Europe, Asia Minor. Corm like official, but surface smooth, whitish to black, bitter, insipid.

2. Convalla'Ria Maja'Lis, Lily Of The Valley

Convalla'Ria Maja'Lis, Lily Of The Valley. The dried rhizome and roots, official 1900-1910; flowers also used; United States; cultivated in gardens. Stemless perennial; leaves 2-3, radical, smooth, elliptical; flowers, campanulate, white, 1-sided raceme. Rhizome, variable length, 1-3 Mm. (1/25-1/8') thick, internodes 5 Cm. (2') long, cylindrical, brownish, few stem-scars at nodes above, thin roots or root-scars beneath; odor distinct; taste sweetish, bitter, acrid; solvents: diluted alcohol, boiling water partially; contains convallamarin, convallarin, resin. Heart tonic, diuretic, emetic, purgative, sternutatory, poisonous (similar to digitalis, but non-cumulative. Poisoning: Symptoms and treatment similar to digitalis. Dose, gr. 2-10 (.13-6 Gm.); fluidextract (root -

Fig. 48.   Convallaria majalis.

Fig. 48. - Convallaria majalis.

75. flowers - 67 p. c. alcohol), ij-10 (.13-.6 Ml. (Cc.)); extract, or convallamarin, gr. 1/2-2 (.03-.13 Gm.); infusion, 25 p. c., ℥ss 1 (15-30 Ml. (Cc.)). 6. Polygona'tum (Convallaria) multiflo'rum, European Solatium's

Seal, and P. commuta'tum (gigantr'um), American Solomon's Seal. - Rhizome similar and contains convallarin, asparagin, mucilage, starch.

4. Vag'Nera (Smilaci'Na) Racemo'Sa, False Solomons Seal

Vag'Nera (Smilaci'Na) Racemo'Sa, False Solomons Seal. N. America. Tril'lium erec'tum, Beth {birth) root; dried rhizome; uterine stimulant. Dose, gr. 15-30 (1-2 Gm.); fluidextract (75 p. c. alcohol).