Pilulae Ferri Iodidi. Pills of Ferrous Iodide. - (Syn., Pil. Ferr. Iod.; Fr. Pilules d'Iodure de Fer (ferreuse), Pilules de Blancard; Ger. Eisenjodurpillen.)

Manufacture: Add, in a mortar, 6 Ml. (Cc.) of water to reduced iron 4 Gm., gradually add iodine 5 Gm., constantly stirring, until reddish tint disappears, then add, previously well triturated together, glycyrrhiza 4 Gm., sugar 4 Gm., extract of glycyrrhiza 1 Gm., acacia 1 Gm., mix thoroughly, evaporate, constantly stirring, to pilular consistence, make into 100 pills; dissolve balsam of tolu 10 Gm. in ether 15 Ml. (Cc), and in sufficient quantity of this shake pills until coated, put on a plate, roll occasionally until dry. Should be kept in well-stoppered bottles. Dose, 1-2 pills.

Properties and Uses. - All of the iodide of iron preparations are tonic, alterative, diuretic, emmenagogue; scrofula, anaemia from scrofula; tuberculosis, secondary syphilis, skin affections, chronic rheumatism, amenorrhoea, leucorrhoea, swollen glands, etc.

Ferri Sulphas. Ferrous Sulphate, FeSO4 + 7H2O. (Syn., Ferr. Sulph., Iron Protosulphate, Green Vitriol, Copperas, Sulfas Ferrosus,

Ferrum Vitriolatum Purum, Vitriolum Martis Purum; Fr. Sulfate de Fer (ferreux); Ger. Ferrum sulfuricum, Ferrosulfat, Schwefelsaures Eisenoxydul.)

Manufacture: Dissolve iron wire in diluted sulphuric acid by aid of heat, evaporate, crystallize - Fe2 + 2H2SO4 = 2FeSO4 + H4. It is in pale bluish-green, monoclinic prisms, odorless, saline styptic taste; efflorescent in dry air, rapidly oxidizes in moist air, becoming coated with brownish-yellow, basic ferric sulphate, when it should not be used officially; soluble in water (1.4), boiling water (.4), insoluble in alcohol; aqueous solution acid, crystals disintegrate at 115° C. (239° F.), losing most of its water of crystallization; contains 54.36-57.07 p. c. of anhydrous ferrous sulphate, corresponding to 99.5 p. c. of crystallized salt. Tests: 1. Aqueous solution with potassium ferricyanide T. S. - blue color or precipitate; with barium chloride T. S. - white precipitate insoluble in hydrochloric acid. Impurities: Heavy metals, free acid. Should be kept in well-closed containers. Dose, gr. 1-5 (.06-.3 Gm.).

Preparations. - 1. Ferri Sulphas Exsiccatus. Exsiccated Ferrous Sulphate, 2FeSO4 + 3H2O. (Syn., Ferr. Sulph. Exsic, Dried Ferrous Sulphate; Fr. Sulfate (ferreux) de Fer desseche; Ger. Ferrum sulfuricum siccum, Getrocknetes Ferrosulfat, Entwassertes (Schwefelsaures Eisenoxydul) Ferrosulfat.)

Manufacture: Allow ferrous sulphate 100 Gm. to effloresce in dry air at 40° C. (104° F.), heat on water-bath, constantly stirring, until it weighs 64-65 Gm., pulverize. It is a grayish-white powder, slowly soluble in water; aqueous solution boiled and cooled - only slightly turbid; contains 80 p. c. of anhydrous salt. Should be kept in dry, well-stoppered bottles. Dose, gr. 1/2-3 (.03-.2 Gm.).

2. Ferri Sulphas Granulatus. Granulated Ferrous Sulphate, FeSO4 + 7H2O. - (Syn., Ferr. Sulph. Gran., Precipitated Ferrous Sulphate; Fr. Sulfate ferreux precipite; Ger. Prsecipitirtes Ferrosulfat.)

Manufacture: Dissolve ferrous sulphate 100 Gm. in boiling distilled water 100 Ml. (Cc), add diluted sulphuric acid 5 Ml. (Cc), filter, evaporate to 150 Gm., cool quickly with constant stirring, when it crystallizes, drain crystals, pour upon them alcohol 25 Ml. (Cc), drain, spread on bibulous paper, dry quickly; the acid prevents oxidation of the ferrous sulphate, the alcohol removes acid and uncombined water, hence facilitates drying. It is a very pale bluish-green, crystalline powder, responding to tests for ferri sulphas. Should be kept dry, in well-stoppered bottles. Dose, gr. 1-5 (.06-.3 Gm.). Prep.: 1. Pilulas Ferri Carbonatis, 2 1/2 gr. (.16 Gm.).

Unoff. Preps.: Mistura Ferri Composita. Griffith's Mixture, official 1830-1910; rub until uniform myrrh 1.8 Gm., sugar 1.8 Gm., potassium

Fig. 459.   Ferrous sulphate crystal.

Fig. 459. - Ferrous sulphate crystal.

carbonate .8 Gm., with rose water 70 Ml. (Cc), add spirit of lavender 6 Ml. (Cc.), then ferrous sulphate, crystals, .6 Gm. previously dissolved in rose water 5 Ml. (Cc), finally rose water q. s. 100 Ml. (Cc); dark green, and always should be fresh, dose, ℥j-2 (30-60 Ml. (Cc.)). Liquor Ferri Oxysulphatis, 16.5 Gm., nitric acid 16.5, heat, cool, add dist. water q. s. 100.

Properties and Uses. - Astringent, chalybeate, disinfectant. Overdoses cause nausea, vomiting, griping, purging, gastric inflammation; often not dissolved, thus causing impaction, which is best relieved by saline cathartics; hemorrhages, colliquative sweats, leucorrhoea, gleet, chronic diarrhoea, gastric catarrh, ulcers. With aloes relieves constipation. Externally - in ophthalmia, erysipelas. Ointment (dried sulphate 1 + lard 20) useful in skin diseases (eczema, intertrigo, impetigo), syphilitic and scrofulous sores.

Liquor Ferri Subsulphatis. Solution of Ferric Subsulphate. - (Syn., Liq. Ferr. Subsulph., Monsel's Solution, Solution of Basic Ferric Sulphate, Solution of Persulphate (improperly) of Iron; Fr. Liqueur hemostatique de Monsel; Ger. Basisch-Schwefelsaure Eisen-oxydlosung, Monselsche Eisenlosung.)

Manufacture: Add sulphuric acid 6.5 Gm. to distilled water 50 Ml. (Cc), heat to nearly 100° C. (212° F.), add nitric acid 7 Gm., mix well; divide ferrous sulphate 67.5 Gm., coarsely powdered, into four equal portions, add one at a time to the hot liquid, stirring after each until effervescence ceases; if, after ferrous sulphate is dissolved, solution be black, add nitric acid by drops, heating and stirring, until red funics cease to be evolved; boil until solution red and free from nitric acid, add distilled water, a little occasionally, and finally q. s. 100 Gm., filter. It is a dark reddish-brown aqueous liquid, odorless or nearly so, acid, strongly styptic taste, acid reaction, miscible with water and alcohol without decomposition, sp. gr. 1.548; contains basic ferric sulphate (Fe4O(SO4)5?) corresponding to 13-14 p. c of iron. Tests: 1. Aqueous dilution (1 in 20) with: (a) ammonia water - brownish-red precipitate; (6) potassium ferrocyanide T. S. - blue precipitate; (c) barium chloride T. S. - white precipitate, insoluble in hydrochloric acid. Impurities: Nitric acid, ferrous salt. When solution crystallizes into a semi-solid whitish mass gently heating restores the liquid condition. Should be kept dark, moderately warm, in well-stoppered containers. Dose, eiij-10 (.2-.6 Ml. (Cc)), well diluted. When physicians order solution of persulphate of iron, this preparation should be dispensed.