1. Ferri Ramenta. Iron Filings, official 1830-1860. - Such as are wholly attracted by the magnet. Owing to the magnet not being a perfect purifier, as it attracts and takes up other substances, and owing to so much copper being present in nearly all samples, they are no longer used officially.

2. Ferri Lactas. Ferrous Lactate, Fe(C3H5O3)2.3H2O. - Obtained by digesting iron filings 15 Gm. in lactic acid 30 Ml. (Cc.) + water 500 Ml. (Cc.) until action ceases, filtering, crystallizing, or by double decomposition, between ferrous sulphate and calcium lactate. It is a greenish-white powder or in crystalline masses, slightly characteristic odor, mild, sweet, ferruginous taste, soluble in water (40), insoluble in alcohol. Impurities: Metals, sulphate, chloride, citrate, tartrate, malate, sugar, gum, butyric acid, carbonizable substances. Chalybeate, tonic. Dose, gr. 1-5 (.06-.3 Gm.), pill, lozenge, bread, water, syrup; Elixir, 1.75 p. c, + potassium citrate 5.25, +. Syrupus Ferri Lactophosphatis 1.75 p. c.j phosphoric acid 1.75, +.

3. Ferri Bromidum. Ferrous Bromide, FeBr2.6H2O. - Obtained by digesting bromine (2) iron wire or filings (1), water (10), until liquid becomes greenish, filtering, evaporating. It is a yellowish, styptic, deliquescent, soluble salt, very poisonous, should be employed cautiously. Dose, gr. 1-3 (.06-.2 Gm.); syrup, exv-30 (1-2 Ml. (Cc.)).

4. Ferri Sulphidum. Ferrous Sulphide, FeS. - Obtained by melting together small pieces of iron and sublimed sulphur; used only for generating hydrogen sulphide.

5. Ferri Iodidum Saccharatum. Saccharated Ferrous Iodide. - Obtained by mixing iron, as fine bright wire, 6 Gm., iodine 17 Gm., distilled water 20 Ml. (Cc.) shaking occasionally until green color appears, filtering into sugar of milk 40 Gm., evaporating to dryness with constant stirring, then adding reduced iron 1 Gm. to retard decomposition, and sugar of milk q. s. 100 Gm. It is a yellowish-white powder, very hygroscopic, odorless, sweet, ferruginous taste, soluble in water (7), partially soluble in alcohol. Impurities: Salts of fixed alkalies, free iodine. Should be kept cool, in the dark, in dried, well-stoppered bottles. May be made by simply evaporating Syrup us Ferri Iodidi, but on the continued application of heat a part of the iodine would be liberated, and a darker, less soluble, product result, through the formation of ferric oxide. Dose, gr. 1-5 (.06-3 Gm.), ter die.

6. Ferri Oxalas. Ferrous Oxalate, FeC2O4,H2O, official 1880-1890. - Obtained by dissolving ferrous sulphate 62 Gm. in water 1000 Ml. (Cc), also oxalic acid 28 Gm. in water 500 Ml. (Cc), filter and mix two solutions with agitation, wash and dry precipitate. It is a yellow, crystalline powder, odorless, nearly tasteless, permanent, slightly soluble in water, soluble in HCl or hot diluted H2SO4. Very similar to all other ferruginous compounds, but weak, hence little used. Dose, gr. 1-5 (.06-3 Gm.).

7. Ferri Subcarbonas. Subcarbonate of Iron, Fe2O3,Fe2(OH)6, official 1840-1880. - Made by mixing iron sulphate 225 Gm., dissolved in water 2000 Ml. (Cc), with sodium carbonate 250 Gm., dissolved in water 2000 Ml. (Cc), wash and dry the precipitate without heat. It is a reddish-brown powder, soluble in diluted HC1 with slight effervescence; when dried by heat dissolves with difficulty in diluted HC1, as it then consists chiefly of the oxyhydrate, Fe2O2,(OH)2. On exposure takes up oxygen, thus losing its original character and becoming a more insoluble oxide. Chalybeate tonic; anaemia, anaemic chlorosis, chorea, neuralgia, ulcers, in emergency for arsenous acid poisoning - acts here mechanically and by combination; now replaced by ferri carbonas saccharatus. Dose, gr. 5-15 (.3-1 Gm.).

8. Ferri Oxidum Saccharatum. Saccharated Ferric Oxide. - Obtained by adding to solution of ferric chloride 30 (well diluted), monohydrated sodium carbonate 11.2 (dissolved), wash magma, add sugar 50, + sodium hydroxide solution to clarify, evaporate to dryness; Syrupus Ferri Saccharati Solubilis, 4.15 p. c.

9. Ferri Hypophosphis. Ferric Hypophosphite, Fe(PH2O2)3, official 1870-1910. - Obtained by adding a solution of sodium or calcium hypo-phosphite to a solution of ferric chloride or sulphate, washing and drying precipitate with moderate heat - 6NaPH2O2 + Fe2Cl5 = 2Fe(PH2 O2)3 + 6NaCl; may also be made from iron sulphate and calcium hypo-phosphite, when the solution contains ferrous hypophosphite, which upon evaporation becomes ferric. It is a white, grayish-white powder, odorless, nearly tasteless, permanent, soluble in water (2300), when heated get inflammable hydrogen phosphide gas and ferric pyrophosphate; oxidized by nitric acid; contains 98 p. c. of pure salt - 21.8 p. c. of iron. Should be kept in well-stoppered bottles. Dose, gr. 3-10 (.2-6 Gm., in pill, powder, syrup. Anaemia, defective nerve-nutrition. Liquor Ferri Hypophosphitis, 16.5 p. c, + potassium citrate 21.5, glycerin 15, water q. s. 100. Elixir, 1.65 p. c, + potassium citrate 2.15, +. Syrup, 1.75 p. c, + potassium citrate 2.5, +.

10. Ferri Arsenas. Iron Arsenate, 3Fe(FeO)AsO4,16H2O. - Obtained by dissolving separately in water sodium arsenate and ferrous sulphate mixing, neutralizing solution with sodium bicarbonate, wash, dry precipitate. A greenish amorphous powder, insoluble in water; contains 31.68 p. c. AS2O3 + 26.4 p. c. water. Dose, gr. 1/10-1/2 (.006-.03 Gm.).

11. Ferri et Ammonii Tartras. Iron and Ammonium Tartrate, official 1860-1910. - Obtained by adding solution of ferric sulphate 100 Ml. (Cc), diluted with 1300 Ml. (Cc.) of water, to ammonia water 110 Ml. (Cc), previously diluted with 250 Ml. (Cc.) of water, wash precipitate; dissolve tartaric acid 14.5 Gm. in distilled water 200 Ml. (Cc), neutralize with ammonia water, add tartaric acid 14.5 Gm., heat until dissolved, then add the precipitate (ferric hydroxide) in portions; when dissolved filter, evaporate to syrup, dry on glass. It is in thin, transparent, garnet-red, reddish-brown scales, odorless, sweetish, ferruginous taste, deliquescent, soluble in water, insoluble in alcohol; contains amount of salt corresponding to 13 p. c. of metallic iron. Mild chalybeate; anaemia, etc. Should be kept dark, in well-stoppered bottles. Dose, gr. 5-15 (.3-1 Gm.).