1. Gossypii (Radicis) Cortex, Cotton Root Bark, Official 1860-1910

Gossypii (Radicis) Cortex, Cotton Root Bark, Official -. It is in thin, flexible bands, quills, bark .2-1 Mm. (1/125-1/25) thick, yellowish-brown, wrinkled, small lenticels, periderm often exfoliated, fuzzy (detached bast-fibres), inner surface whitish, striate, fracture tough; odor faint; taste slightly astringent, acrid; solvents: diluted alcohol, boiling water; contains resin (acid, colorless, soluble in water, becoming red on exposure and insoluble) 8 p. c, fixed oil, tannin, starch.

Emmenagogue, oxytocic, uterine haemostatic, similar to ergot but less certain; dysmenorrhoea, amenorrhea, uterine tumors and hemorrhages, popular among negroes (who brought it from Africa) in Southern States for inducing abortion. Dose, 3ss-l (2-4 Gm.); decoction, ℥iv (120 Gm.) + Oij (900 Ml. (Cc.)), evaporated to Oj (450 Ml. (Cc.)), ℥ij (60 Ml. (Cc.)), every half-hour, fluidextract (alcohol, or alcohol 75 p. c. + glycerin 25 p. c), 3ss-l (2-4 Ml. (Cc.)).

Allied Plants:

1. Gossypium barbaden'se, G. arbo'reum, G. religio'sum (fibres yellow), etc. - These furnish products which may be used similarly to the official.