1. Acetum, Aceta (Vinegars)

Acetum, Aceta (Vinegars). 10 p. c. Macerate with diluted acetic acid, filter: Scillae.

2. Aqua, Aquae Aromaticae (Aromatic Waters)

Aqua, Aquae Aromaticae (Aromatic Waters). Distilled water impregnated, often saturated, with a volatile substance, by (a) trituration - volatile oil .2 p. c, purified talc 1.5 p. c, water 100 p. c; may shake frequently together simply the oil and water, or may replace purified talc by purified silicious earth, or pulped filter paper; Anisi, Mentha Viridis; (b) solution: Amygdalae Amarae, Rosae (c) aeration: Ammoniae, Ammonia Fortior; (d) distillation: Aurantii Florum Fortior, Rosa Fortior.

3. Ceratum, Cerata (cerates, L. cera, wax). - Unctuous-like ointments made firmer by the addition of wax; soften but do not melt at body-temperature; liquefy only above 40° C. (104° F.): Cam-phorae, Resinae.

4. Collodium, Collodia (Collodions)

Collodium, Collodia (Collodions). Collodion impregnated with medicinal substances for protection and medical effect: Canthari-datum, Flexile.

5. Decoctum, Decocta (decoctions, L. decoquere, to boil down). - 5 p. c. aqueous solutions of vegetable drugs made by boiling the substance about 15 minutes in a closely-covered vessel, allowing to cool therein, expressing, straining expressed liquid, adding through strainer water q. s.; the strength of decoctions of energetic or powerful substances should be directed specially by the physician.

6. Elixir, Elixira (elixirs, Ar. el-ik'sir, the philosopher's stone). - Sweet, aromatic, hydro-alcoholic, medicated liquids; alcoholic strength 20-25 p. c: Aromaticum, Glycyrrhizae.

7. Emplastrum, Emplastra (plasters, Gr.

I Official Forms of Medicines Liquids Semi Solids  14

to daub on). Substances fused in such proportions as to adhere at body-temperature; some are spread, others are not: Belladonna, Sinapis.

8. Emulsum, Emulsa (emulsions, L. emulgere, to milk out). - Aqueous, milky-like mixtures of oils, fats, or resins in a minutely subdivided state, suspended by mucilaginous materials; coagulated by acids, metallic salts, or spirituous liquids in large quantities: Amygdala, Olei Terebinthinae.

9. Extractum, Extracta (extracts, L. ex, out, + trahere, to draw). - Solid or semi-solid, made by evaporating medicinal solutions, or expressed juices of organic drugs, until representing 4-5 times the strength of the crude substances; these may be aqueous, alcoholic, hydro-alcoholic, acetous: Aconiti, Viburni Prunifolii.

10. Fluidextractum, Fluidextracta (Fluidextracts)

Fluidextractum, Fluidextracta (Fluidextracts). Solutions of organic drugs evaporated until 1 Ml. (Cc.) represents the activity of 1 Gm. of crude drug: Aconiti, Zingiberis.

11. Glyceritum, Glycerita (glycerites, Gr.

I Official Forms of Medicines Liquids Semi Solids  15

sweet). - Solutions of a drug in glycerin for external use: Acidi Tannici, Phenolis.

12. Infusum, Infusa (infusions, L. infundere, a watering). - 5 p. c. aqueous solutions of vegetable drugs made by adding to the substance usually boiling water in a closely-covered vessel, allowing to cool therein, straining with expression, passing through strainer water q. s. 100 Ml. (Cc.); if activity of infusion (drug) is affected by heat, cold water should be used; the strength of infusions of energetic or powerful substances should be directed specially by the physician: Digitalis, Sennae Compositum.

13. Linimention, Linimenta (liniments, L. linere, to smear). - Medicinal liquids, containing usually a fixed or volatile oil, for external use by rubbing or by simple application: Ammoniae, Terebinthinae.

14. Liquors, Liquores (liquors, L. liquor, liquere, fluid, liquid). - Mostly aqueous solutions of non-volatile chemical substances: Acidi Arsenosi, Zinci Chloridi.

15. Magma, Magmas (L. fr. Gr.

I Official Forms of Medicines Liquids Semi Solids  16

to squeeze, knead). -A thin paste or mixture - a precipitate (hydroxide, etc.) tenaciously retaining liquid (water, alcohol) often removed only by forcible expression; usually white unless fluid contains iron, organic matter, etc.: Bismuthi, Magnesii.

1<>. Massa, Massae

(masses, Gr.

I Official Forms of Medicines Liquids Semi Solids  17

to knead). - Pill-masses preserved in bulk to be used from when required: Ferri Carbonatis, Hydrargyri.

17. Mel, Mella, Mellita (honeys, Gr.

I Official Forms of Medicines Liquids Semi Solids  18

honey). - Medicines mixed with clarified honey instead of syrup: Depuratum, Rosae. Oxymella, Oxymellita - honey 80, acetic acid 10, water 10; to disguise nauseous medicines.

18. Mistura, Misturae (mixtures, L. miscere, to mix). - Liquids of insoluble medicines suspended in water by some viscid substance, or solutions of one or more active liquids: Cretae, Glycyrrhizae Composita.

19. Mucilago, Mucilagines (mucilages, L. mucere, to be mouldy, slimy). - Saturated aqueous adhesive liquids of gum or starch: Acaciae, Tragacanthae.

20. Oleatum, Oleata (oleates, L. olea, Gr.

I Official Forms of Medicines Liquids Semi Solids  19

olive tree, oil). - Solutions of medicines (alkaloids or metallic salts) in oleic acid: Hydrargyri.

21. Oleoresina, Oleoresiae (oleoresins, L. oleum, oil, + resina, resin). - Natural solutions of resin in volatile oils, extracted by ether, acetone, or alcohol: Aspidii, Zingiberis.

22. Oleum, Olea (oils, L. oleum, Gr.

I Official Forms of Medicines Liquids Semi Solids  20

oil). - Liquid active constituents, obtained by (a) distillation: Anisi, Thymi; (b) expression: Aurantii, Tiglii. Olea Infusa, Infused Oils. - Vegetable drug, 10 p. c; macerate six hours in alcohol (10), ammonia water (.2), + sesame oil (100), heat, stir, strain, filter.

23. Pilula, pilulae (pills, L. pilula, a little ball, dim. of pila, a ball. Eng. abbr., pit, pl. pill). - Spherical or oval masses of medicine held together by some adhesive substance: Aloes, Rhei Compositae.

24. Pulvis, Pvlveres (powders, L. pulverare, to powder). - Finely powdered drug or drugs, with or without a diluent, ;as milk-sugar: Aromaticus. Rhei Compositus.

25. Resina, Resinae (resins, L.; Gr.

I Official Forms of Medicines Liquids Semi Solids  21

resin (of the pine)). - Res - inous powders obtained by exhausting the vegetable drug with alcohol, and precipitating the tincture by adding water; they contain all the principles soluble in alcohol and insoluble in water: Jalapae, Scammoniae. 26. Spiritus, Spiritus (spirit, spirits, L. spirare, to breathe, exhale). - Alcoholic or hydro-alcoholic solutions of volatile medicinal substances (chiefly volatile oils): AEtheris, Menthae Viridis. Also called, when 10 p. c. (England, 10-20 p. a), Essences (Essentia).

27. Suppositorium, Suppositoria (supporitories, L. supponere, to place underneath). - Solids of suitable form, cone-shaped, pencil-shaped, globular, oviform, weighing 10-60 gr. (.6-4 Gm.), containing medicines, which melt when inserted into the rectum, nares, urethra, or vagina, the vehicles being oil of theobroma, glycerinated gelatin, sodium stearate: Glycerini.

28. Syrupus, Syrupi (syrups, Ar. shurab, a drink, beverage). - Concentrated solutions of sugar, the menstruum being an aqueous solution of either medicinal or flavoring agents (simple syrup menstr. plain water): Acaciae, Zingiberis. Cordial (Cordiale) - one-fourth weaker medicated syrup.

29. Tinctura, Tincturae (tinctures, L. tingere, to dye). - Alcoholic or hydro-alcoholic solutions of non-volatile (except iodine) drug-constituents: Aconiti, Zingiberis. Tincturae Medicamentorum Recentium, 50 p. c.; macerate herb 50 Gm. with alcohol 100 Ml. (Cc.), in a closed vessel, in a moderately warm place, for 14 days, occasionally stirring, strongly express, filter. Tincturae AEthereae, 10 p. c. (drug), + ether 1, alcohol 2 vols.

30. Trituratio, Triturationes (triturations, L. triturare, triturated). - Fine powders of medicinal substances 10 Gm., triturated intimately with sugar of milk 90 Gm., added gradually and mixed thoroughly: Elaterini.

31. Trochiscus, Trochisci (troches, Gr.

I Official Forms of Medicines Liquids Semi Solids  22

a pill, troche). Solid, round, oval, or flat masses of one or more medicinal agents, with sugar or extract of licorice, or both, caused to adhere by mucilage, often flavored: Acidi Tannici, Sodii Bicarbonatis. Also called Lozenges, Tablets (Tabellae), in England of definite weight and chocolate base, Pastilles (Pastilli-us), in England with glyco-gelatin base.

32. Unguentum, Unguenta (ointments, L. unguere, to smear, anoint). - Soft or solid fatty preparations, for external use, liquefying when rubbed upon the skin, and containing medicine in a basis of lard, benzoinated lard, olive, almond, or lard oil, prepared suet, wax, spermaceti, or paraffin: Acidi Borici, Zinci Oxidi.