10. Collyrium, Collyria, Eye-Washes

Collyrium, Collyria, Eye-Washes. Liquid applications for the eyes, composed usually of some astringent salt dissolved in rose water.

11. Confectio, Confectiones (confections, boluses, L. conficere, to put together). - Tasty masses of drugs triturated with sugar or honey - rosae, sennae.

12. Enemas, Enemata, Clysters

Enemas, Enemata, Clysters. Liquids to be injected into the rectum. When large quantity (℥xvj-32; .5-1 L.), it is to act mechanically in emptying the bowel, and warm soapy or mucilaginous water answers the purpose; when small quantity (℥ij - 4; 60-120 Ml. (Cc.)), it is to act as a medicine or nutrient, and after injection a towel pressed against the anus tends to aid retention, therefore absorption.

13. Fluidglycerates, Fluidglycerita-Um

Fluidglycerates, Fluidglycerita-Um. 100 p. c; glycerin 50 p. c; menstruum: glycerin 50, dist. water 150, chloroform water q. s., reserve first 50, evaporate second percolate, mix.

14. Fomentations, Fomenta

Fomentations, Fomenta. Flannels wrung out of hot water and applied with or without medication.

15. Gargles, Gargarisma, Gargarismata

Gargles, Gargarisma, Gargarismata. Aqueous medicinal liquids for gargling the throat.

16. Gauzes, Carbon; Mulls, Mullae

Gauzes, Carbon; Mulls, Mullae. Gauze-muslin saturated with a medicated solution of a definite strength, and then spread horizontally to dry; hard ointments spread on "mull" or soft muslin similar to plasters.

17. Glycerogelatins, Glycerogelatina-Um

Glycerogelatins, Glycerogelatina-Um. 10 p. c. medicaments, soft masses melting at body temperature, containing glycerin 15-25-35 p. c, dist. water 35-65.

18. Hypodermic Injections, Injectiones Hypodermics

Hypodermic Injections, Injectiones Hypodermics. Usually aqueous solutions of vegetable drugs or alkaloids, 1-5-10-33 p. c; sometimes a very small amount of either phenol, cresol, benzoic, hydrochloric, or salicylic acid is added as a preservative.

19. Inhalations, Inhalationes, Vapors, Vapores

Inhalations, Inhalationes, Vapors, Vapores. Volatile liquid vapors breathed at ordinary inhalation, to act locally upon the respiratory mucous membrane.

20. Injections, Injectiones

Injections, Injectiones. Usually aqueous solutions of drugs to be injected by a syringe into the rectum (enemas), under the skin (hypodermic), or into the urethral, nasal, aural, or vaginal tract.

21. Insufflations, Insufflationes

Insufflations, Insufflationes. Fine powders of active medicine, and mostly bland bases, to be blown into nares, larynx, throat, etc.

22. Lotions, Lotiones (Lotio)

Lotions, Lotiones (Lotio). Mostly weak, aqueous medicinal solutions, to be applied locally on linen, lint, or muslin.

23. Parvules, Granules, Dosi-Metric Parvules

Parvules, Granules, Dosi-Metric Parvules. Very small pills, usually sugar-coated and containing poisonous alkaloids or chemicals.

24. Pastes; Pastae Dermatologicae, Stile Dilubiles; Inunctum

Pastes; Pastae Dermatologicae, Stile Dilubiles; Inunctum. Name applied to all ointments; antiseptic or astringent agents made into a paste with either glycerin, soft soap, petrolatum, lard, etc.; medicines made into a paste with starch, dextrin, tragacanth, sugar, water, rolled into cylinders, dried - for dermatologic practice; medicated ointment

- 85-95 p. c. of hydrous wool fat.

25. Petroxolins, Petroxolina-Um

Petroxolins, Petroxolina-Um. Solutions or mixtures of medicinal agents, 3-50 p. c, in liquid petroxolin.

26. Scales, Lamellae

Scales, Lamellae. Thin scales, disks, or plates of medicinal substances; in England restricted to gelatin and glycerin, to be dropped into the eye, each weighing 1/50 gr. (.0013 Gm.).

27. Species

Species. The medicinal part of several species of plants mixed, cut, bruised, or reduced to coarse powder, sometimes including a chemical, for external or internal use.

28. Sprays, Nebultae

Sprays, Nebultae. Usually aqueous medicinal solutions, to be used in atomizers, for throat, etc.

29. Succus, Succi, Juices

Succus, Succi, Juices. Vegetable liquids expressed and preserved with alcohol.

30. Tablets, Compressed Tablets, Tabellae

Tablets, Compressed Tablets, Tabellae. These consist of the pure or diluted drug, made to cohere by heavy compression in strong metallic molds.

31. Tablet Triturates

Tablet Triturates. These consist of the drug along with milk-sugar or cane-sugar, made into a pasty mass with either alcohol, water, or syrup in some proportion, then pressed lightly into suitable molds and dried. Dragee (dra-zha) is the name given in France to the ordinary sugar-coated pill. Enteric Pills (Gr.

II Non Official Forms of Medicines 25

intestine), such as are coated with a substance, as salol, keratin, etc., to allow passage through the stomach intact, thereby not becoming dissolved until the duodenum or intestinal tract is reached. Concentric Pills are made of concentric layers of different ingredients to become dissolved and active at various points of the intestinal tract.

32. Vinum, Vina (wines, L. vinum, wine). - Liquids differing from tinctures in being extracted with white wine, or a mixture of white wine and alcohol (20-25 p. c.) - antimony, opium.