1. Abstracts, Abstracta

Abstracts, Abstracta. Powders having twice the strength of the vegetable substance, made by exhausting crude drugs, as a rule, with alcohol, recovering same, and incorporating residue with milk-sugar.

2. Ampul, Ampuls (Fr. ampoule, fr. L. ampula, a vase, flask). - Glass vessels (tubes with attenuated end or ends) of varying size containing sterilized liquids for hypodermic, intravenous or inhalation purposes; contents released by breaking off narrow end, or crushing in handkerchief when for inhalation; pearls, tears, or sealed bulbs (amyl nitrite, ethyl chloride, nitrous ether, etc.) are modified ampuls.

3. Acetic Fluidextracte, Fluidextracta Acetica

Acetic Fluidextracte, Fluidextracta Acetica. Solutions of the active constituents of organic drugs made with diluted acetic acid, and of the same strength as the official fluidextracts.

4. Bougies, Pencils

Bougies, Pencils. Small solid cylinders of gelatin, glyco-gelatin mass (white gelatin 3, glycerin 1), or cacao-butter, impregnated with medicine, to be inserted into urethra, vagina, rectum, or nares.

5. Cachets (De Pain), Konseals, Wafers

Cachets (De Pain), Konseals, Wafers. Various-sized concave wafers made of unleavened bread (flour and water) or wafer-paper - the cavity formed by moistening the concave edges of two and pressing together is to contain the drug; when fastened, take by floating in a gulp of water.

6. Capsules, Capsulae

Capsules, Capsulae. Various-sized, transparent casings (short tubes, usually with one open end fitting over that of another), of gelatin, hard or soft, for administering nauseous or disagreeable liquids or solids.

7. Catorplasma, Cataplasmata (cataplasms, poultices,


II Non Official Forms of Medicines 23II Non Official Forms of Medicines 24

to spread over). - Soft pasty masses to supply moisture and warmth locally in order to break down inflamed tissues; flaxseed meal, slippery elm, hops, bread and milk, kaolin and glycerin, bran, oatmeal, etc., answer well for these, to which either tincture of opium, aconite, arnica, or anodyne alkaloid may be added to lessen pain. The true poultice should be made by bringing the moistened mass to a boil, enclosing in a cheese-cloth bag, and applying one-half to one inch thick over inflamed area; the addition of a little fixed oil or glycerin serves to retain heat and prevent caking, while a covering of oiled silk retains these properties much longer - kaolini.

8. Charia, Chartae (Papers)

Charia, Chartae (Papers). Papers coated or saturated with some medicinal substance, to be used as a plaster or for burning - potassii nitratis, sinapis.

9. Cigarettes

Cigarettes. Have paper wrapper but filler of one or more medicinal substances - cubeb, stramonium, etc.