1. Cinchona Calisaya From Cinchona Succirubra

Cinchona Calisaya From Cinchona Succirubra. Cinchona Calisaya has very few, if any, stone- (resin-) cells, old bark with prominent secondary cork, medullary rays narrow, bast-fibres single, sometimes in groups of 2, rarely more, medium sized; cinchona suc-59 cirubra has no stone-cells, medullary rays narrow, bast-fibres medium, in lines 2 to 5, seldom 8. See pages 558, 559.

2. Quillaja From Ulmus

Quillaja From Ulmus. Quillaja has crystals of calcium oxalate on the cross-section or on the broken splintery fracture, also starch-grains; slippery elm has fracture fibrous mealy, very little starch, but no calcium oxalate. See pages 158, 265.