1. Lactuca Canadensis (Elonga'Ta), Wild Lettuce

Lactuca Canadensis (Elonga'Ta), Wild Lettuce. The herb, official 1820-1850; N. America. Herb 1.3-3 M. (4-10°) high, hollow, purple, very leafy, smooth, glaucous; leaves 15-30 Cm. (6-12') long, pinna-tifid; flowers yellow to purple, heads 20-flowered, panicles, rich, damp soil, fields, thickets. Juice from the plant, when in flower, makes good lactucarium, that collected in early season not being bitter.

2. L. sati'm, Garden Lettuce. - Juice is medicinal and more abundant in wild than in cultivated plants. Highly valued as salad, and as such acts as a feeble hypnotic. L. sagitta'ta (altis'sima); large Caucasian plant 2.5-3 M. (8-10°) high, chiefly cultivated in France.