1. Mentha Cris'Pa, Crisped-Leaved, Cross Or Curled Mint

Mentha Cris'Pa, Crisped-Leaved, Cross Or Curled Mint. This is the cultivated form of M. spicata (viridis), known also as M. aquat'ica var. crispa, leaves pubescent, cordate pointed, crisped; M. sati'va, M. arven'sis, and M. rotundifo'lia, are under cultivation and sometimes produce similar crisped leaves.

2. Ly'Copus Virgin'Icus, Bugle Weed

Ly'Copus Virgin'Icus, Bugle Weed. The herb, official 1830-1880; N. America. Plant has smooth, obtusely quadrangular stem, 15-60 Cm. (6-24') high; leaves 5 Cm. (2') long, elliptic, glandular; flowers purple, 4-lobed, stamens 2, mint odor and bitter taste, root perennial, creeping; contains volatile oil, resin, bitter principle, tannin. Used as astringent, tonic, sedative, narcotic; hemorrhage, diarrhoea, dysentery; in infusion, decoction. Dose, gr. 5-30 (.3-2 Gm.).