5. Chondrin

Chondrin. This resembles gelatin, being from cartilages of the ribs and other non-ossifying cartilages; its aqueous solution is precipitated by alum, lead acetate, ferric salts, acetic and mineral acids, but not by tannin or mercuric chloride; used as emollient, nutritive, protective, as the basis for suppositories, pessaries, bougies, capsules, lozenges, pill-coating, etc. Differs from gelatin in containing less nitrogen, more oxygen, in precipitating with acetic and mineral acids, but not with tannin.

6. Ovi Vitellum Recens, Fresh Egg Yolk

Ovi Vitellum Recens, Fresh Egg Yolk. The yolk of the egg of Cal'lus Ban'kiva var. domes'ticus, official 1880-1900. Gallinae. Java, Cochin-China; domesticated. Animal, known as the domesticated or dunghill fowl, originated from the red jungle-fowl, to which our nearest approach is the game-cock. The eggs give 3 pharmaceutical products - shell 10 p. c, albumen 60 p. c, yolk 30 p. c. Yolk of egg (vitellus) is a viscid, yellow, opaque, alkaline liquid - being an emulsion of oil suspended in water by albumen; coagulates by heat and upon the addition of alcohol; gives whitish emulsion with water; yields to ether yellow fat and separates a white mass; odorless, bland taste; contains water 48-55 p. c, vitellin 16 p. c. (a proteid related to casein, mixed with albumen), fat 30 p. c., inorganic salts 1.5 p. c. (chlorides, sulphates, and phosphates of potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium), cholesterin .42 p. c, lecithin, coloring matter, lactic acid, sugar. Glyceritum Vitelli - Rub fresh yolk of egg 45 Gm. in a mortar, with glycerin 55 Gm. gradually added, until thoroughly mixed. Nutritious, laxative; jaundice, dyspepsia; chiefly in pharmacy for emulsionizing oils, dressing for burns, scalds, abrasions, to soften cutaneous crusts, cerumen in the ear. Dose, 1-2 yolks.

7. Ovi Albumen Recens, Fresh Egg Albumen

Ovi Albumen Recens, Fresh Egg Albumen. Weighs 3v 6 1/2 (20-25 Gm.); contains water 82-88 p. c, solids 12-18 p. c., mostly albumen, little fat, sugar, extractive, ash .65 p. c, of which 42 p. c. is KC1 and 9 p. c. NaCl, the remainder being carbonates, phosphates, sulphates of alkalies, calcium, magnesium, and iron. It is nutritious, clarifies honey, syrup, and other liquids, is an antidote to metallic poisons (mercuric chloride, copper salts, etc.).

8. Testa Ovi, Egg-Shell

Testa Ovi, Egg-Shell. Composed of calcium carbonate 90-97 p. c, calcium and magnesium phosphates 1-5.7 p. c.; organic matter 2-4.7 p. c. It is antacid; once popular remedy for gravel.