3. Opii Pulvis. Powdered Opium. (Syn., Opii Pulv.; Fr. Poudre d'Opium; Ger. Opium pulveratum, Opiumpulver.)

Manufacture: Dry opium, convenient quantity, at 70° C. (158° F.), reduce it to a very fine powder; contains 10-10.5 p. c. of anhydrous morphine. It is light brown; microscopically - chiefly yellowish-brown, brownish-red, irregular and granular fragments, .015-.15 Mm. (1/1650-1/165') broad, few fragments of strongly lignified, thick-walled, 4-5-sided or narrowly elongated epidermal cells of poppy capsules, also tissues of poppy leaves, capsules and rumex fruits. Should be kept in well-closed containers. Dose, gr. 1-2 (.06-.13 Gm.).

Preps.: 1. Pulvis Ipecacuanhae et Opii. Powder of Ipecac and Opium. (Syn., Pulv. Ipecac. et Opii., Compound Powder of Ipecac, Dover's Powder; Br. Pulvis Ipecacuanhae Compositus; Fr. Poudre d'Ipecacuanha opiacee - de Dover; Ger. Pulvis Ipecacuanhae opiatus, Doversches Pulver, Pulvis Doveri.) Manufacture: 10 p. c. Triturate together ipecac 10 Gm., powdered opium 10 Gm., sugar of milk 80 Gm.; reduce to fine uniform powder. It is grayish-white, light brown; microscopically - angular, cone-shaped fragments soluble in water or hydrated chloral T. S., strongly polarizing light with display of colors (sugar of milk), numerous tracheids and starch grains of ipecac, .003-.017 Mm. (1/8325-1/1475') broad, stone cells of opium (poppy) capsules. Dose, gr. 5-10 (.3-.6 Gm.). 2. Tinctura Opii Camphorata. Camphorated Tincture of Opium. (Syn., Tr. Opii Camph., Paregoric, Paregoric Elixir; Br. Tinctura Camphorae Composita, Compound Tincture of Camphor; Fr. Elixir Paregorique - d'Opium Benzoi'que, Teinture d'Opium camphree; Ger. Tinctura Opii benzo'ica, Benzoesaurehaltige Opiumtinktur.) Manufacture: § p. c. Similar to Tinctura Aloes, page 110 - macerating powdered opium .4 Gm., benzoic acid .4 Gm., camphor .4 Gm., oil of anise .4 Ml. (Cc.), in glycerin 4 Ml. (Cc.), diluted alcohol 95 Ml. (Cc.), finishing with diluted alcohol q. s. 100 Ml. (Cc). Dose, 5ss-2 (2-8 Ml. (Cc.)). Prep.: 1. Mistura Glycyrrhizce Composita, 12 p. c. 3. Opium Deodoratum. Deodorized Opium. (Syn., Opium Deod., Opium Denarcotisatum; Fr. Opium (Denarcotine) sans Odeur; Ger. Desodorirtes (Denarcotinirtes) Opium.) Manufacture: Macerate for 24 hours powdered opium 100 Gm. with sufficient purified petroleum benzin to cover it, shake occasionally, decant clear benzin layer, repeat treatment with fresh benzin, decant as before, percolate residue with fresh benzin until it passes through without color; expose powder to open air to dry, add sugar of milk q. s. to restore original weight; contains 10-10.5 p. c. of anhydrous morphine. Benzin is preferable to ether, as it removes the odorous matter (caoutchouc, wax, fat, etc., that often causes nausea and discomfort) without affecting the narcotine. Should be kept in well-closed containers. Dose, gr. 1-2 (.06-.13 Gm.).

Unoff. Preps.: Compound Liniment, 1 p. c., + camphor 1.75, ammonia water 35, oil of turpentine 22, alcohol 25. Extractum Opii Liquidum (Br. 3.75 p. c. of extract). Linimentum Opii (Br. 50 p. c. of tincture). Pills, 1 gr. (.06 Gm.), dose, 1-2. Plaster. Pulvis Opii Com -positus (Br. 10 p. c.). Tincture of Ipecac and Opium, āā 10 p. c. (diluted alcohol), dose, v-20 (.3-1.3 Ml. (Cc.)). Tinctura Opii Ammoniata (Br. 10 p. c. of tincture). Troches of Glycyrrhiza and Opium, 1/13 gr. (.005 Gm.). Vinegar (Black Drop), 10 p. c, dose, v-20 (.3-1.3 Ml. ((V.)). Wine, 10 p. c, dose, v-20 (.3-1.3 Ml. (Cc.)). Chlorodyne (morphine hydrochloride .5 Gm., water 2 Ml. (Cc),diluted hydrochloric acid 2, chloroform 6, tincture of cannabis 4, diluted hydrocyanic acid 1, alcohol 10, oil of peppermint 1, oleoresin of capsicum .05, dose, v-15 1 Ml. (Cc.)), in water - poisonous. Compound Powder of Morphine (Tally's Powder, 1.5 p. c, dose, gr. v-10 (.3-.6 Gm. Injectio Apo-morphinae Hypodermica (Br.), 1 p. c. Injectio Morphinae Hypodermica (Br.), 2.5 p. c. Liquor Morphinae Sulphatis (U. S. P. 1870, 1/4 p. c., dose, 3j-2 (4-8 Ml. (Cc.)). Liquor Morphinae Acetatis (Br.), 1 p. a Liquor Morphinae Hydrochloridi (Br.), 1 p. c. Liquor Morphinae Tar-trat is (Br.), 1 p. c. Majendie's Solution of Morphine, 4 p. c. (adding 2/3 j). c. of benzoic acid or phenol prevents spoiling and hypodermic irritation), dose, v-10 (.3-.6 Ml. (Cc.)). Oleate of Morphine, 10 p. c. (oleic acid 90 p. c.) - use externally. Suppositoria Morphinae (Br.), 1/4 gr. (.017 Gm.). Syrupus Codeinae Phosphatis (Br.), .5 p. c. Troches of Morphine and Ipecac (1/40 gr. (.0016 Gm.) + ipecac 1/13 gr. (.005 Gm.). Trochiscus Morphinae (Br.), 1/32 gr. (.002 Gm.).

Properties. - Narcotic, sedative, anodyne, antispasmodic, hypnotic, diaphoretic, chiefly due to morphine. Codeine - hypnotic, tetanic, less constipating and active than morphine, often contaminated with other alkaloids; used for bronchial coughs, diabetes, etc. Nar-cotine - antiperiodic, tetanizing, hypnotic without being narcotic, hence name should have been anarcotine. Narceine resembles morphine, but is more hypnotic, with less after-effects - headache, constipation, etc. Apomorphine - stimulant to brain (vomiting) centres, heart; our most useful emetic (hypodermically) in narcotic poisoning, removing foreign bodies from bronchi, etc., sedative expectorant; large amounts depress, produce tetanic convulsions. Diacetylmorphine - lessens irritability of respiratory centre, allays cough, but does not depress like morphine; neither analgesic nor hypnotic; dyspnoea, catarrhal coughs, phthisis, angina, bronchitis, asthma, whooping-cough, hay fever. Poisoning: Syncope, suppressed vision, myosis, abnormal temperature have been produced by gr. 3 (.2 Gm.) - antagonize by hypodermic camphor, caffeine, and hot coffee by stomach. Cotarnine - haemostatic, analgesic, uterine sedative, styptic; dysmenorrhoea, hemorrhages (bladder, nose, extraction of teeth, etc.), menorrhagia, etc. Thebaine (paramorphine) - soporific, spinal excitant, tetanizer, resembling strychnine. Dose, gr. 1/2-3/4 (.03-05 Gm.). Papaverine - hypnotic, sedative; diarrhoea of children. Dose, gr. 1/12-1/2 (.005-.03 Gm.).