1. Ompha'Lea Oleif'Era, Tambor Oil

Ompha'Lea Oleif'Era, Tambor Oil. C. America. Expressed from the seeds; an excellent purgative, does not gripe like castor oil.

2. Man'ihot Manihot (utilis'sima), Tapioca. (See page 85.) - The fecula of root (rhizome), official 1820-1880; Brazil, W. Indies. Shrub 2-2.5 M. (6-8°) high; stem jointed, petiolate leaves at upper portion, 3-5- to 7-lobed, glaucous. Root fleshy, white, tuberous, 1 M. (3°) long, weighing 20-30 pounds (9-13 Kg.). Matures in 8 months; contains poisonous (HCN) milky juice; this is pressed out and the cassava meal made into bread or washed for its starch, which is diaphanous, muller-shaped, layers indistinct, hilum near rounded end, only half size of potato starch, which furnishes the factitious tapioca. Used as nutrient, demulcent, non-irritant for convalescence, debility, asthenic diseases, in doses ℥ss-1 (15-30 Gm.), prepared with boiling water, flavored with lemon juice, sugar, vanilla, aromatics, wine, etc.

Fig. 241.   Tapioca starch.

Fig. 241. - Tapioca starch.