1. Polygala Al'Ba, White, Texas Or False Senega

Polygala Al'Ba, White, Texas Or False Senega. West of Mississippi River; root 6 Mm. (1/4') thick, resembling official, but has a lighter color internally, also a cylindrical wood, and is destitute of keel; contains polygalic acid 3 p. c; yields light-colored infusion and tincture. P. Boyki'nii, Southern States; like the P. alba, only thinner, yet some consider both to be one and the same species.

2. P. polyg'ama (rubel'la), Bitter Polygala. - The root and herb, official 1820-1880; Canada-Florida. Plant 15-22.5 Cm. (6-90 high; leaves mucronate; flowers purple; keel crested, shorter than the wings; fruit 2-seeded, capsule oblong; contains bitter principle analogous to senegin; similar to P. ama'ra of Europe. Used as a tonic in bronchial catarrh; large doses laxative, diaphoretic.