Er-i-ka'se-e. L. Eric-a + aceae, Gr.

54 Ericaceae Heath Family 613

heath, fr.

54 Ericaceae Heath Family 614

to break - i. e., because some species break or dissolve stone in the bladder. Shrubs, small trees. Distinguished by astringent properties; leaves evergreen, exstipulate; calyx 4-5-cleft, inferior, corolla regular, hypogy-nous, 4-5-cleft; stamens as many or twice corolla-lobes, free from but inserted with corolla; anthers 2-celled; ovary 2-5-celled, style 1; fruit, capsule, or berry, edible; universal; astringent, tonic, diuretic, narcotic, poisonous. Genera: 1. Gaultheria. 2. Arctostaphylos.