1. Delphinium Consol'Ida, Field Larkspur

Delphinium Consol'Ida, Field Larkspur. The seed, official 1820-1880; C. Europe, cultivated and naturalized in the United States. Plant .6-1 M. (2-3°) high, in grain fields, flowers beautiful blue, seed flattish, tetrahedral, 1-2.5 Mm (1/25-1/10') broad, acute edges, testa black, pitted, inodorous, bitter, acrid; contains 3 alkaloids; used for asthma, dropsy, wounds, ulcerated buboes; in tincture, 10 p. c. (alcohol), fluidextract or decoction; poisonous. D. Aja'cis, S. Europe, D. urceola'tum (exalta'tum), Penn., Minn., D. carolinia'num (azu'reum), Wis., Ark. - The first has the most dense flowers, the second the greatest height, the third the lightest blue flowers; all three are cultivated.