(Embryo with 2 cotyledons, stem exogenous (with pith, wood, bark), leaves net-veined).

Series 1: CHORIPETALAE. Petals separate and distinct, or wanting. 14. Piperaceae. Pepper Family

Pip-e-ra'se-e. L. Piper + aceae, Gr.

14 Piperaceae Pepper Family 227

Skt. pipala, Bengalese pippul, fr. Gr.

14 Piperaceae Pepper Family 228

to digest - i. e., it aids digestion. Herbs, shrubs. Distinguished by jointed stems; leaves entire; flowers perfect, without floral envelopes, spikes; ovary 3-5, somewhat united, 1-celled; ovule 1, stigma 2-4; fruit somewhat fleshy, 1-celled, 1-seeded; tropics; acrid, pungent, aromatic, stimulant (volatile oil + resin). Genus: 1. Piper.