Aniline (Dyes, Ink): Vomit with copper sulphate, or wash out well the stomach with warm water, place in recumbent position, loosen clothing, abundant fresh air, oxygen, ether injections, ammonia, whisky, brandy, strychnine, magnesium oxide (gr. 30; 2 Gm.); 3ss-2 (2-8 Gm.) have proved fatal.

Antimony, Chloride, Wine, Tartar Emetic: These usually vomit actively yr se; if not should empty stomach, giving abundance of warm water, follow with tannin solution, coffee, tea, gallic acid (to form insoluble tannates), demulcent drinks, egg-white, milk, warmth, friction, faradic current over heart, opium and stimulants in small and frequent doses, artificial respiration; magnesium and sodium carbonates may be used, also ferric hydroxide followed with opium or morphine for pain; magnesium oxide in milk for the chloride; Tartar Emetic, gr. 2-5 (.13-. 3 Gm.) have killed, much larger doses often have failed.

Arsenic, Paris Green, Fly-stone or -powder, Fowler's Solution, Rough on Rats, Cobalt: Produce emesis if it has not occurred, washing out the stomach with much water, then give freshly precipitated ferric hydroxide, made by double decomposition between any ferric solution well diluted, and either ammonia water well diluted, sodium carbonate, or magnesium oxide, the object being to envelop the poison mechanically and to form insoluble ferric arsenite or arsenate; usually give 3j (4 Gm.), every 5 minutes, for 8 doses, and follow with zinc sulphate, then castor oil; may give oils, demulcent drinks, egg-white, and stimulants for faintness and great depression, warmth to body, opium or morphine for pain, poultices and fomentations to stomach, flour, lime water, dialyzed iron, subcarbonate of iron, alkaline mineral waters.

Belladonna, Scopola, Hyoscyamus, Stramonium, Duboisia, Dulcamara (Atropine, Scopolamine, Hyoscyamine, Daturine, Duboisine, Solanine): Empty stomach, give tannin solution, strong coffee, tea by mouth or rectum, hypodermic morphine, physostigmine or pilocarpine (to antagonize nervous disturbance, delirium, etc.), then diffusible stimulants (whisky, brandy, ammonia), caffeine, strychnine, cold to head, warmth and friction to extremities (feet, hands), artificial respiration.

Benzene, Nitrobenzene, Oil of Mirbane: Empty stomach, give plenty fresh air, hypodermic atropine, alternate cold and hot water douches to chest, mild faradic current over heart, artificial respiration.

Bites. 1. Dogs, Cats: At once suck forcibly the wound, endeavoring also by squeezing to force out all blood possible, wash with warm water, and cauterize well with lunar caustic; 2. Snakes: Apply cupping-glass over wound, or tie the limb moderately tight above injured spot, allow to bleed freely, aiding by pressure, wash with warm water and cleanse thoroughly, cauterize with mineral acids or phenol (carbolic acid); apply potassium permanganate solution (5-10 p. c), ammonia water, tincture of iodine; cause perspiration by warm drinks, ammonia, wine, arsenic; one with perfect mucous surface should forcibly suck wound; if much prostration, give liberally of diffusible stimulants (whisky, brandy, ammonia); bleed at one arm, transfuse blood or "normal salt solution" by the other; 3. Insects, Bees, Wasps, Hornets: Apply locally ammonia water or some alkaline solution, may saturate cloth with ammonia water or sodium chloride solution and lay over part until pain dispelled; remove sting by pressing a watch-key over it. give stimulants (ammonia, wine, etc.), may apply onion to wound, but not of much value.

Bromal Hydrate: Large doses kill in a few minutes, with contracted pupil, dyspnoea, and convulsions, death from failure of respiration; acts on heart muscle direct, much more powerful than hydrated chloral. Inhale abundant fresh air, ammonia, empty stomach, cardiac stimulants (strong coffee, alcohol, caffeine, digitalis), cold to head, warmth to extremities, strychnine, electricity, amyl nitrite, artificial respiration, quietness.

Bromine, Bromides: For bromine, if swallowed, give well-diluted ammonia water, olive or almond oil; if inhaled, then breathe ammonia vapor and abundant fresh air, for bronchial irritation inhale a little chloroform. For bromides give cardiac stimulants (strong coffee, caffeine citrate, digitalis), morphine is the best antagonist for mental symptoms, may give strychnine, ergot, belladonna, cathartics, diuretics.

Camphor: Empty stomach, give alcohol or brandy in small and frequent doses (best hypodermically), coffee, ether inhalations, alternate hot and cold douche, warmth to extremities by hot blankets, etc., opium and bromides for convulsions.

Cannabis: Somewhat similar to opium and hydrated chloral. Emetics, lemon juice to neutralize, tannin, hot coffee, hypodermic atropine (gr. 1/120 .00054 Gm., every 15 minutes for 3 doses), ammonia, strychnine, electricity to chest muscles, artificial respiration, keep awake, also body warm, empty bladder often.

Cantharides, Cantharidin: Empty stomach, give demulcent drinks freely (barley, elm, flaxseed tea, diluted egg-white, gruel or pure water), hypodermic morphine or tincture of opium (by mouth or rectum) to allay pain and gastro-enteritis; avoid oils and oily emulsions, as these favor solubility and absorption of cantharidin, stimulants, warmth to extremities, warmth and cataplasms to abdomen; powdered drug 3ss (2 Gm.) or tincture ℥j (30 Ml. (Cc.)) usually proves fatal.

Carbon Disulphide: Vomit, give potassium bromide and hydrated chloral (for nervous excitement), stimulants (to support circulation), inhale ammonia, warmth to body, cold douche to head, artificial respiration.

Castor Beans: Vomit at once, give demulcent drinks, opium for pain and to quiet violent symptoms, which resemble those of cholera; 3 seeds, also 20, have each killed in 2 and 5 days.

Chloroform, Ether, Nitrous Oxide Gas: Withdraw at once the source, lower well the head, pull tongue forward, to admit fresh air, compress and relax chest, ammonia and amyl nitrite inhalations, warmth and friction to extremities, hot and cold douche, weak current - one pole on the larynx, other on the pit of stomach; if heart stopped, give several taps over that region, inhale, ammonia, brandy, atropine, strychnine, artificial respiration. If swallowed, treat as hydrated chloral; vomit, enema of hot coffee, draughts of water containing sodium carbonate or bicarbonate, ammonia, warmth; chloroform inhalation kills 1 in every 3,000; ether, 1 in every 16,000; nitrous oxide gas, 1 in every 300,000.