Chlorates, Nitrates (Potassium, Sodium, etc.): Vomit, plenty of water and demulcent drinks for dilution, amyl nitrite, opium for pain, hot fomentations to loins; avoid stimulants (increase kidney congestion); 3viij - 12 (30-45 Gm.) usually prove fatal in a few hours.

Chlorine Water, etc.: Give emetic, warm water, then milk, egg-white (albumin), flour with water or lime water, ammonia water.

Cocaine, Eucainc: Similar to belladonna, etc., as they closely resemble atropine in action on pulse, pupils, respiration, sweat-glands, and bowels. Empty stomach, give tannin, morphine (best antidote), then in sequence hydrated chloral, chloroform, ether, alcohol, amyl nitrite to stimulate heart, strychnine, artificial respiration, caffeine, ammonia inhalations.

Colchicum ( Wine, Tincture, Extract, Fluidextract, etc.): Unless vomiting and purging already have occurred, induce at once the former, give tannin (gr. 30; 2 Gm.), gallic acid, strong coffee or tea, abundant water, demulcent drinks, morphine or opium to allay pain, purging, and heart depression, cardiac (diffusible) stimulants, hot fomentations to abdomen, keep extremities (feet, hands) warm; powdered root gr. 50 (3.3 Gm.), seeds 3iv (15 Gm.), root wine 3iv (15 Ml. (Cc.)), have each proved fatal.

Coniwn, Coniine: Emetics or lavage, tannin, strong coffee, tea, again wash out stomach, external warmth (hot wraps, bags, bottles, etc.), epispastics, alcohol, stimulants, strychnine, picrotoxin, hypodermic atropine, artificial respiration, castor oil; coniine ej-2 (.06-.13 Ml. (Cc.)) usually fatal in 1-3 hours.

Colocynth, Elaterium, Elaterin: Empty stomach, give demulcent drinks, enemas, opium for pain (small doses,) warm bath, stimulants (brandy, whisky, etc.).

Croton Oil: Empty stomach, give hypodermic morphine or laudanum every 20 minutes until pain and purging abated, demulcent drinks, mucilage, milk, egg-white, olive oil, soup, spirit of camphor, stimulants, warmth and friction; 3ss-2 (2-8 Ml. (Cc.)) have killed in 4-6 hours.

Curarine, Woorare, Urare: If wounded, ligate above injury, suck forcibly, and wash well with alkaline solution (potassium permanganate), warmth to loins, abundant water, spirit of nitrous ether (to aid urine elimination), artificial respiration, empty bladder often; resembles digitalis much more than it does strychnine.

Digitalis, Convallaria, Scoparius, Strophanthus, Apocynin, Scillain, Scillitin: Vomit or wash out the stomach well with warm water and tannin, strong coffee, tea; keep reclined, never allowing erect position, as that may cause fatal syncope; aconitine (gr. 1/200; .0003 Gm.), or tincture of aconite (ev; .3 Ml. (Cc.)) best for large quantities, opium best following prolonged usage, saponin and senegin best physiological antagonist, diffusible stimulants by mouth or rectum, warmth and friction to extremities (feet, hands); powdered drug 3ss (2 Gm.), tincture 3ij-4 (8-15 Ml. (Cc.)), have proved fatal.

Ergot: Empty stomach, give plenty warm drinks, tannin, coffee, tea, quick purgative (croton oil ej; .06 Ml. (Cc.)), recumbent position., small doses of opium at intervals for pain and irritation, nitroglycerin occasionally (gr. 1/50; .0013 Gm.), hot baths, warmth, friction to maintain circulation), stimulants, amyl nitrite.

Gamboge, Scammony: If vomiting and purging have not occurred, induce former by usual emetics, may give solution of potassium or sodium carbonate, magnesium oxide in milk, demulcent drinks, and enemas, opium in small doses to allay pain and purging.

Gelsemium, Gelsemine: Emetic or wash out stomach with tannin solution, then hypodermic atropine and morphine, warmth and friction, cardiac stimulants (digitalis, alcohol, coffee, ammonia), artificial respiration, electricity, rouse patient by cold and hot douche; fluid-extract 3j (4 Ml. (Cc.)), or tincture 3iv (15 Ml. (Cc.)), are usually fatal.

Gases: 1. Chlorine: Inhale cautiously ammonia or hydrogen sulphide, steam often valuable for breathing, abundant fresh air, egg-white, milk, flour, lime water, demulcent drinks, chloroform or ether inhalations for cough; 2. Hydrogen Sulphide: Chlorine gas well diluted with air cautiously inhaled, fresh air; 3. Illuminating-gas, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide: Remove clothing, open doors and windows, abundant air, oxygen, horizontal position, alternate cold and warm douche to chest and head, ammonia inhalations, diluted chlorine gas carefully breathed, faradic current to extremities, alcohol by mouth or rectum, strong coffee by enema, artificial respiration, venesection, warmth to body and limbs, place in bed, direct quietness, circulating air, cold acid drinks freely.

Glass - coarse or powdered: Large quantity of bread-crumbs as an envelope, then emetics.

Hydrated Chloral: Empty stomach, give coffee by mouth or rectum (using tube if necessary), abundant fresh air, friction, cataplasms to limbs and over heart, hypodermic strychnine or picrotoxin every 15 minutes, keep awake by coffee, caffeine, flagellation, shaking, shouting, ammonia to nostrils, cold to head; if serious, place in recumbent position, absolute rest, amyl nitrite inhalations (to stimulate heart), artificial respiration; 3ss-l (2-4 Gm.) has killed.

Hyoscine: Similar to belladonna, but hydrated chloral is used here with great advantage.

Iodine: Give starch in hot water, or flour in warm water, farinaceous substances (rice, arrowroot, gruel, etc.), then vomit, demulcent drinks, egg-white in milk, sodium bicarbonate, stimulants (alcohol, digitalis, amyl nitrite), atropine, strychnine, opium or morphine for pain.

Ipecac: Unless thoroughly vomited, empty stomach, washing it out with tannin solution, if necessary follow with opium, belladonna, cardiac (diffusible) stimulants.

Iodoform, Iodol, Aristol: Give potassium bromide, to dissolve iodine compound, lemonade, potassium acetate solution, stimulants, diaphoretics, warm sponge bath, small repeated doses of tincture of opium, large doses of potassium bicarbonate, diluents freely.