11. Smilaceae

Smilaceae. Distinguished by being mostly vines, woody, herbaceous, often prickly stems, leaves net-veined, flowers green, dioecious, perianth 6, stamens 6, fruit globose berry, 1-6-seeded; composed of 3 genera, 200 species. Smilax.

12. Zingiberaceae

Zingiberaceae. Distinguished by creeping rhizomes, calyx and corolla distinct, each 3, leaves stalked, sheathing, ovary inferior, stamens 6; composed of 30 genera, 280 species. Elettaria, Zingiber.

13. Orchidaceae

Orchidaceae. Distinguished by the 1-2 sessile anthers united to pistil, flowers irregular, reptile-shape, perfect, perianth 6 in 2 rows, petaloid; composed of 410 genera, 5000 species. Vanilla.