(Circulation) .

22. Cardiac Stimulants (Tonics; L. cardiacus; Gr.

VI Agents Acting On The Circulatory System 51

heart). These stimulate the cardiac muscle, slowing and strengthening its contractions; excessive quantities may cause sudden death by syncope: digitalis, strophanthus, scoparius, convallaria, cimicifuga, nitroglycerin, nitrites, alcohol, ether, ammonia, heat, galvanism, chloroform.

23. Cardiac Depressants (Sedatives)

Cardiac Depressants (Sedatives). These lessen the force and frequency of the heart's action, controlling its over-action and palpitation; especially do they slow the pulse in sthenic fevers due to local inflammation: aconite, veratrum viride, tartar emetic, senega, pilocarpine, hydrocyanic acid, emetine, quinine (full doses), Pulsatilla, grindelia, cold.