24. Sialaqoques (Gr.

VII Agents Acting On The Digestive System Digestio 52

saliva, +

VII Agents Acting On The Digestive System Digestio 53

to lead, leading forth).- These promote the secretion and flow of saliva and buccal mucus: (a) Topical - which act through reflex irritation, caused by taking something into the mouth: capsicum, ginger, cubeb, mustard, tobacco, pyrethrum, horse-radish, alkalies; (b) General - which act through systemic influence on the glands or their secretory nerves during the drug's elimination: pilocarpus, mercurials, antimonials, iodine compounds, physostigma.

25. Refrigerants (L. refrigerare, to cool). - These allay thirst, giving the sensation of coolness: vegetable and mineral acids (diluted), fruit juices, ice-water, effervescing drinks, diaphoretics.

26. Denial Anodynes

Denial Anodynes. These arr used locally in toothache due to caries, thus exposing a nerve filament; aconite, cocaine, opium, morphine, phenol, creosote, oils of clove and peppermint, hydrated chloral.