In minor local forms of inflammation, such as of the breast or testicle, of the tonsil or parotid, or of a varicose vein, the good effect of small doses of tartar emetic is often conspicuous. Dr. Beatty especially noted their power of controlling mammary inflammation, as if by "specific action on the gland." After purgation, he gave 1/6 gr. every hour, never desiring an emetic action, but not objecting to slight nausea (Dublin Journal, vol. iv.). Dr. Churchill found the same plan "more effective than any other" (Midwifery). A case of inflamed varix cured by this method is related by Dr. Spender in his essay on the advantages of small, frequent doses (British and Foreign Review, 1872), and he believes that the dose may be adjusted with mathematical precision and certainty: "1/20 to 1/16 gr. given every hour is bound to control a local phlegmon." I have found it good in tonsillitis and parotitis, the pain, congestion, and pyrexia being often quickly relieved, and yet this is not the treatment I usually adopt, nor do I think it so good as that by aconite or belladonna.