I have often given the greatest relief in an ordinary but severe attack, with pain in all joints, sweating, pyrexia, etc., by means of a hot blanket-pack, the patient being enveloped in one blanket wrung out of hot water, and then covered with several others, and left thus for half an hour or more. Dr. Dowse has made scientific observations on this form of bath, and reported much benefit from it (British Medical Journal, i., 1875). In the blanket-pack he found temperature rise one to two degrees, and at the same time much sweating produced. He continued it for six hours at first, afterward for one or two hours only; brandy was sometimes required for depression. He did not use this bath when the body-temperature was over 104° F., or the patient very prostrate, nor when the aortic valves were incompetent. In chronic gout and rheumatism the Turkish bath is especially useful.