When expectoration is scanty, viscid, and brought up with difficulty, either in early or later stages of bronchitis, alkalies often relieve, and may be taken with other expectorants. The liquor potassae in doses of 10 to 15 min. is one of the most suitable forms: the nitrate is also useful, and is commonly combined with Dover's powder, or with antimony and tinct. camph. co. (Graves: "Clinical Lectures"). Laborde has found the chlorate very serviceable, both in acute and chronic catarrhal bronchitis: it modifies and dilutes the expectoration, which gradually lessens in amount; the respiratory sounds become normal, the cough is relieved, and appetite improved (Bulletin, October, 1864). In ordinary catarrh I have found the chlorate a very good remedy; it is recommended also by Dr. Sedgwick (British Medical Journal, i., 1873).