Applied in substance or in solution, the chloride of lime is a valuable antiseptic and stimulant to fetid discharging surfaces. In cancrum oris, a little of the dry powder may be applied by the finger, and washed away immediately afterward, and in unhealthy ulcerations about the gums in general, and in salivation, a wash may be used containing 2 dr. to the pint of water, with glycerin, or ordinary lime-water may be used with nearly equal benefit.

A proportion of 1 to 10 or 15 of water has been found extremely useful, applied as a compress in cases of ruptured perineum, when the torn surface is apt to discharge offensively, and in unhealthy and indolent ulcerations of any part, the same remedy, or even ordinary lime-water, will diminish discharge, cleanse the surface, and promote a healthy action. Chloride of lime lotions are also good in erysipelas.