Rehme, Eilsen, Leuk, Weissenburg, Wildungen, etc., and many other waters, contain a small proportion of carbonates of lime and of magnesia (v. pp. 172-174). The special springs named are used in vesical catarrh and uric acid concretions, in gouty and scrofulous exudations and skin diseases, also in bronchial catarrh and phthisis. Separate classes are made by some authors, e.g., of the iodo-bromated waters at Kreuznach and Woodhall, and the muriated lithia waters of Baden-Baden.

Class 5 - The "Indifferent" Waters of Leuk, Gastein, Wildbad, Schlangenbad, Buxton, etc., are used almost wholly in the form of bath in cases of rheumatism, paralysis, and other nervous disorders (v. pp. 174-176).

Class 6 - Chalybeate Waters, those in which iron carbonate is the main ingredient, are such as Spa, Schwalbach, Tunbridge Wells, Dri-burg, Pyrmont, Harrogate. The sulphate occurs in springs at Brighton and at Sand Rock (Isle of Wight); the perchloride in a spring at Harrogate (Muspratt's).

These waters are used in chlorosis, direct anaemia, irregularities of menstruation, atonic conditions of the stomach and intestine, in general debility, and in various neuroses. Care is required to secure their due absorption without dyspepsia. The general rules for iron-medication are further indicated in the chapter on that remedy.

A knowledge of Spas and mineral waters is so necessary in modern practice that a more detailed, though necessarily brief, account of the principal ones is subjoined.