Foerster, of Dresden, has recommended inhalation of a vaporized solution of carbonate of lithia as a solvent of the false membranes in these diseases.

Preparations And Dose

Lithioe carbonas: dose, 3 to 6 gr. (B. P). German physicians recommend less than this. The diuretic effect is increased by free dilution, and the liquor lithioe effervescens, B. P., which contains 1/2 gr. to the ounce, is a good form: dose, 5 to 10 oz. Lithioe citras: dose, 5 to 10 gr. (B. P.). I recommend less than these doses. Bromo-citrate of lithia in an effervescent water, containing also potash and soda, is prepared by some London chemists (Lancet, i., 1874); also a "granular effervescent citrate," which is a convenient and portable form, and contains 4 or 5 gr. in each drachm. Urate and benzoate of lithia: dose, 1 to 4 gr. Bromide of lithia (as a nerve sedative): dose, 10 to 20 gr. A lotion should contain 4 or 5 gr. of any soluble salt in each ounce. A vesical injection, 20 or 60 gr. of a soluble lithia salt in 4 oz. of water.

[Preparations, U. S. P. - Lithii carbonas, Lithii citras.]