For the excitement, wakefulness, fright, and tremor which follow the abuse of alcohol, and which commonly precede a fully developed attack of delirium, large doses of bromide often prove of great use, either with or without opium. I have known them prevent the further development of the attack; in later stages they have not the same power, but bromides have acted well combined with chloral. To this statement I must, however, add a caution as to the use of full doses of the latter remedy in delirium tremens, for I am cognizant of more than one case of sudden death traceable to it, in all probability.

Gubler has written specially on the value of bromides in amblyopia and alcoholic amaurosis.

Night-terrors - "Nightmare." - Children especially are liable to attacks of terror in the night, when they awake screaming, and are so deeply impressed by some imagination or dream, that they are, at first, scarcely conscious. This condition is connected with a reflex irritation of the nervous system, and is much under the control of a night-dose of bromide. The nightmare of adults may also be relieved by it; aperients should not be neglected in such cases.