Stille has collected a large amount of evidence, American and foreign, in favor of lead acetate as a remedy in many forms of these disorders. Graves and others have recommended it in cholera. It certainly exerts a powerfully astringent effect, but should not be used without due regard to the elimination of irritating material by previous purgation if necessary. In some cases of obstinate diarrhoea among the ill-fed children of the poor, I have found it exceedingly useful.

Preparations And Dose

Plumbi acetas: dose, 1/2 to 3 gr. or more. Pilula plumbi cum opio: dose, 4 to 8 gr. (1 gr. of opium in 8 gr. of the pill mass). Plumbi iodidum: dose, 1/4 to 1 gr. Suppositoria plumbi composita: (1 gr. of opium and 3 gr. of acetate in each). The following are for external use only: - Plumbi oxidum; Emplastrum plumbi (diachylon); Emplastrum plumbi iodidi; Unguentum plumbi acetatis; Liquor plumbi subacetatis (Goulard extract); Liquor plumbi subacetatis dilutus (Goulard water); Unguentum plumbi subacetatis comp. (contains camphor, wax, and oil - better made with vaseline); Plumbi carbonas; Unguentum plumbi carbonatis; Plumbi nitras.

[Preparations, U. S. P. - Plumbi acetas; Ceratum plumbi acetatis: solution of subacetate of lead 2 1/2 fluid ounces, white wax 4 troy-ounces, olive-oil 8 troyounces, camphor 30 gr.; Linimentum plumbi subacetatis: olive-oil 3 troyounces, solution of subacetate of lead 2 troyounces; Liquor plumbi subacetatis; Liquor plumbi subacetatis dilutus;

Suppositoria plumbi: acetate of lead 36 gr., oil of theobroma 324 gr.; make 12 suppositories; Suppositoria plumbi et opii: acetate of lead 36 gr., extract of opium 6 gr., oil of theobroma 318 gr.; make 12 suppositories; Plumbi carbonas; Unguentum plumbi carbonatis (60 gr. in 1 oz.); Plumbi iodidum; Unguentum plumbi iodidi (60 gr. in 1 oz.); Plumbi nitras; Plumbi oxidum; Emplastrum plumbi.]