Ammonia and its carbonate have a direct antacid effect on the gastric secretions, and moderate doses induce a sense of warmth and stimulation at the epigastrium. More than 5 gr. is likely to irritate; 10 gr. will commonly nauseate, and 20 gr. will produce vomiting. Diarrhoea is sometimes observed from continued medicinal doses (Cazenave). Liquid ammonia, when swallowed, acts as an irritant poison, and in fatal cases has caused inflammation and erosion of the upper part of the alimentary tract: occasionally it has acted upon the larynx, and induced rapidly fatal oedema glottidis. Death has been caused by 2 dr. of the strong solution; in other cases by 1 oz. (British Medical Jour-nal, i., 1878), and 1/2 pint (British Medical Journal, ii.. 1878).