In this process the patient is enveloped in six blankets, one at a time, each accurately adjusted about the throat and feet, so as to be air-tight; a feather bed is thrown over all. Dr. Howard Johnson speaks highly of this treatment, which he credits with producing the same results as vapor or Turkish baths, without so much general perturbation. After a time, the air next the skin is so far heated as to excite the circulation, and stimulate a flow of perspiration, and after this has lasted for half an hour or an hour, a shallow bath at 70° or 60° F. and a dry friction complete the process.

Though weight is temporarily reduced and excretion increased by this, as by other warm baths, it does not necessarily follow that the general condition is impaired; on the contrary, in satisfactory cases, even after profuse sweatings, weight is ultimately gained owing to increased appetite and assimilation.