Moseley, in his work on tropical diseases, considers alum to be one of the best medicines in acute and chronic dysentery, and Dr. Waring has often seen it useful in asthenic cases; it was commonly given with opium. I think that a good mode of administering it in chronic cases is by injection, from 10 gr. to 2 dr. in a pint of liquid being used at a time (Hannon: Bulletin de l'Academie, xxxii.); this will also relieve the troublesome tenesmus, and the sense of itching and excoriation about the anus. One drachm to the pint is a proportion I have commonly used twice daily with good success: a strength of 1/2 oz. to the pint has also been used, but caused some burning pain; improvement, however, soon began, and cure resulted after about fourteen days of treatment (Medical Record, 1879).