I cannot recommend iron preparations during the acute stage of dysentery, for I believe there are much better remedies, but some practitioners have found iron valuable. Bandon reports twelve cases suffering with tormina and very frequent sanguineous stools, which were treated by 12 to 30 min. doses of steel tincture internally, at the same time that about 12 min. with water (and sometimes laudanum) were injected; these cases were much relieved or cured within a week (Bulletin de Therapeutique, folio 71). Blanvillon corroborated these results (Gazette des Hopitaux, No. 130), and the same medication was largely used during the last German war (Lancet, ii., 1870): as a general rule, it is better restricted to chronic stages of dysentery, and for the anaemia and debility attendant upon this condition it is of great value.