In cases of moist discharging eczema, lead lotions are often soothing and sometimes curative; a combination of the liquor plumbi 1 oz., with glycerin 1/2 oz., and cherry-laurel water 3 1/2 oz., is very good for subacute cases, but may require dilution. Mr. B. Squire gives the preference to a glycerole of subacetate of lead, in the preparation of which glycerin is used instead of the water of the officinal liquor (Medical Times, i., 1876): 1 part of this in 4 of glycerin or of vaseline is a useful strength. Equal parts of the liquor plumbi and glycerin have given me as good results in chronic eczematous conditions, and more especially in mentagra. In some cases, the iodide of lead ointment will be found useful.