The use of strong nitrate of silver in eczema should be reserved for chronic patches with much infiltration. Nitrous ether proves the best vehicle, because it dissolves sebaceous or fatty secretions, and allows the remedy to act better on the distended capillaries - 30 to 40 gr. in the ounce may be used. Eczema in the neighborhood of ulceration yields to lotions of moderate strength. For eczematous or aphthous conditions affecting the genital organs, or the nipple, and commonly accompanied with severe itching and irritation, a solution containing 4 or 5 gr. in the ounce should be first used in cases that are somewhat acute; but, if relief be not given, a paint containing 30 to 40 gr. in the ounce should be carefully and lightly brushed over the part. Quite the best treatment for fissured nipples is to touch them thoroughly but lightly with a fine point of nitrate: all secretion should be cleansed from the part before such applications, and warm fomentations should be ready for use afterward, as the pain may be severe. In abrasions or aphthous conditions about the mouth, the solid nitrate is one of the best remedies, although a painful one.