We need not here refer to the older method of treating this fever by repeated purgative doses of calomel (v. Stille), a method not now advocated; but several eminent physicians abroad - Traube, Wunderlich, Liebermeister, and others - have recently recommended a "specific" treatment for the first nine days of this fever by calomel, giving 10 gr. in a single dose the first day, and 8 gr. (in divided doses) daily for three or four days afterward. They claim for these doses an antipyretic effect, and a power of lessening both the duration and the mortality of the disease (Medical Times, ii., 1876). I have not had experience of this treatment, nor, although foreign statistics show good results, has it made way in this country. An early moderate purgative dose is, however, often advisable, and Black has written to recommend one or two 5-gr. doses of calomel during the first week, as "antiseptic" (Lancet, i., 1875). Corrosive sublimate in minute quantities has also proved valuable in typhoid diarrhoea (British Medical Journal, i., 1874), and this is in accord with my experience, but with these exceptions mercury is not indicated in the treatment of this fever.