Dr. Leared found that purified oxide of manganese had decided power in relieving these disorders; he describes epigastric pain, severe and radiating, coming on not immediately, but soon after food, worse after albuminous food; the tongue generally red and patchy, and the malady connected with too rapid shedding of epithelium and exposure of a hyper-sensitive mucous surface; pyrosis and vomiting are sometimes present.

Bismuth is a usual and excellent remedy for such a condition, but Dr. Leared found manganese relieve it often more quickly, with the advantage of not causing constipation. He states that he has treated several hundred such cases with satisfaction, before venturing to recommend it (Ranking, i., 1864). No mention is made of a drawback described by Dr. Goddard Rogers, whose patients found the medicine so gritty and unpleasant that they could scarcely continue it. He reports two cases of gastralgia, "severe pain with occasional vomiting," one case of stomach derangement sympathetic with the uterus, and one of pyrosis, with "irritable mucous membrane." All these got well rather quickly, with 10-gr. doses of the oxide (Lancet, i., 1864, ii., 1865). We have not, however, heard much of this remedy from other observers.

Preparations And Dose

Manganesii oxidum preparatum: dose, 5 to 10 gr. Manganesii sulphas: dose, 10 to 20 gr. as a purgative. Ferri et manganesii carbonas saccharata: dose, 5 to 10 gr. as a haema-tinic. Solutions of manganese salts are apt to change color on exposure to the air.

[Preparations, U. S. P. - Manganesii oxidum nigrum, and Manganesii sulphas.]