Salivation has been commonly described as a result of this medicine, and is said to occur after a longer period, and with less marked stomatitis, than when produced by mercury. Martini met with it (ptyalism) only after the long-continued use of small closes, and found that the double chloride of gold and sodium might be taken for many months without injurious effect; only in one case did ptyalism occur, and then one-third of an ounce had been taken (Schmidt's Jahrb., June 23, 1870). The secretion of the sweat-glands is increased, especially during the night, and this alternates with or accompanies an increase in the quantity of urine (Gozzi, Bologna, 1817). The stimulation of the glandular system and of growth is said to be such that adenitis has followed the use of gold, and tumors of osseous or of glandular character have become painful and inflamed (Percy: Rapport a l' Academie). Some excitement of the genital organs occurs, so that in men priapism may be caused, and in women the catamenia increased (Legrand: "De l'Or").