At the commencement an injection containing 30 or even 60 gr. to the ounce has sometimes succeeded in aborting the malady, but it causes severe pain, and may lead to serious inflammation. In the female, a similar solution applied thoroughly, per speculum, to the vagina, has given better results, and offers less risk on account of the anatomical conditions; but, as a rule, the frequent use of a weaker solution is more advisable. I recommend, so soon as the acute inflammatory stage begins to subside, an injection containing 1/2 to 1 gr. in the ounce every three or four hours; or sometimes a strength of only 1 gr. in 8 oz., to be injected every half-hour for the first eight hours, and afterward every four hours until cure is effected, which should be in twenty-four to forty-eight hours. I have had most excellent results in many obstinate cases from this method; it should not be wholly omitted at the end of forty-eight hours, but used once, or twice, or, if the discharge continues, a little oftener for the following two or three days.