The nitrate has been much used in this condition, but the solid salt can exercise only a limited influence. In chronic cases, where the part is enlarged, and the epithelium so long absent that the bared villi resemble granulations, I have found benefit from recently prepared iodide of silver, as recommended by Dr. Henry Wright.1 All mechanical causes of erosion of cervix, such as impacted faeces, must be considered, and if present, treated at the same time.

1 To a little of the strong silver solution (3 j. in 3 j.) a few drops of tinct. iod. are added, and the iodide of silver precipitates at once in white flakes, which should be quickly applied - through the speculum (Uterine Disorders, p. 260).

Real ulceration of the cervix, as distinguished from erosion, is usually connected with syphilis, struma, or malignant disease, and although the nitrate has been often used for it, more potent remedies, such as the acid nitrate of mercury, are really required.