When the motions are green, curdled, watery, and offensive, small doses (1/4 gr.) of gray powder act very well, especially when combined with bismuth, and the same powders are useful when curdled milk is frequently rejected from the stomach. When there is a simple diarrhoea, with whitish stools, Dr. Stephenson thinks that rhubarb and soda should replace the mercurial, for fear the latter should depress the strength (Edinburgh Medical Journal, 1871), and certainly, if it be continued unwisely, it may do so by irritating the mucous membrane, etc., but I have never seen ill-effects from the minute doses above recommended. For infantile watery diarrhoea 1/100 to 1/50 gr. of corrosive sublimate after each motion acts well (with due care). I think this is now a common experience; I have acted upon it for twenty-five years. In the acute diarrhoea and colic of adults, one of the best methods of treatment is the use of a pill of calomel (3 gr.) with opium (1 gr. or 1/2 gr.), followed, after three or four hours, by castor-oil or other laxatives.